Unlock the full potential of your videos in Webflow

Video hosting for Webflow.

 Escape the black hole of video compression, size limits and cluttered video players.

Video hosting for Webflow

Customizable video player

Clean, distraction-free player.

YouTube and other platforms clutter their player with links to steal your traffic. The Vidzflow player is clean, customizable, and lightning-fast.
  • Clean
  • Lightning-fast
  • Customizable
  • Ads-free
Simple installation

Simple to upload and embed, friendly for those without coding experience.

Enjoy hassle-free video hosting platform built by Webflow experts for Webflow experts.
Optimized performance

Instant start and buffer-free, stall-proof playback.

No one likes to wait. Vidzflow starts playing 10x faster and experiences 8x less stalls during playback than any other player.

See the difference

Press play, then pause the video. There are no recommended videos or links luring your visitors away. Your visitors are focused solely on your content.
Now press play, then pause this video. Notice the ‘recommended videos’? Those can be your competitors’ videos or other videos luring your leads away.

What others are saying

"Awesome. I've been juggling with Vimeo and such for years!"
Joss Colleta
Webflow FB Group
“Wow! Exactly what I need for a current project.”
Annabelle Porter
“This would be super helpful!"
Tobias Dre
Webflow FB Group
“This is a great case of solving a real problem, good job.”
Annabelle Porter
"Love this! When you’re ready for beta testers count me in."
Naphtali Marshall
Webflow FB Group
“Very cool. I’m interested in testing the performance.”
Annabelle Porter

Why choose Vidzflow

Vidzflow is SEO friendly.

By hosting your videos on Vidzflow, you can ensure that they load quickly and play smoothly, enhancing your SEO efforts and increasing your brand’s visibility to potential customers.

Keep your audience from getting distracted.

Make more sales, and reduce bounce rates by keeping visitors focused on your brand. Ads and related videos are designed to take away your customers.

Instant start.

Videos start playing 10x faster than other players on average 

Stall-free playback.

Vidzflow offers you 8x less buffering during playback

Ongoing support.

Professional support backed by a team of passionate developers
Webflow app

We're currently working on a Webflow app

that'll let you effortlessly drag and drop any of your videos from your Vidzflow library right into your Webflow project.
Coming soon...