Free stock video websites

Looking for free stock videos but don't know where to start?

We've put together a list of the best free stock video websites, along with key takeaways and points to consider for each site.


Videvo has a ton of free goodies like stock video footage, motion graphics, music, and sound effects made by its user community. Now, the catch is: they've got different license types. Some clips you can use for free as long as you give credit to the creator. There are also clips under Creative Commons 3.0 that you can use and even tweak, but again, you gotta give credit. Then there are Public Domain clips which are like a free-for-all - use them however you like! Always check the specifics on each video's license to be sure.


Freepik is a leading website that offers free 4K and HD stock video footage. Not just that, they also have a big collection of stock images, fonts, and design patterns. So, for video producers looking for a lot of visual content, this is a great place. Plus, the website is easy to use, making it simple to find what you need.


Mazwai offers a selection of free stock videos that they've handpicked for top-notch quality. Thanks to their connections with artists, you get to access beautiful videos in both Standard and Full HD. Just remember two things: give credit to the video's creator and double-check if you can use the music or sound effects in the videos. So, in a nutshell: free, high-quality videos, but give credit and be careful with the music!


Coverr is a lifesaver! They offer tons of high-quality videos for free. The best part? No watermarks and you don't need to give them credit. When you download a video, you'll get a ZIP file that also has a handy JPG thumbnail. So, in short: high-quality, no strings attached, and an extra image with every download. Nice!


Pexels has a big collection of free stock videos in many categories. You can pick the video quality you want since they give you different resolution options. You can download without signing up, but if you do sign up (which is also free), you can follow videographers and keep track of your downloads. You can use their videos for any purpose, without worrying about watermarks or giving credit.


Videezy is a big online community where you can get free stock videos. While many videos are free, some special ones need you to have Videezy Pro, where you buy credits to get them. If you use the free videos, remember to give them credit. If you're thinking about going Pro, they have different credit packages, like 1 credit for $19 or 10 credits for $49. So, whether you want free videos with a shoutout or premium ones without the need for credit, Videezy has options for you!


Vidsplay is like a treasure trove of free HD stock videos. You can pick from a bunch of categories. But remember, there's a tiny catch: you need to give them a shoutout with a link on your site or media channel. So, awesome videos, totally free, just add a credit link and you're good to go!


this, while their videos and pictures have been downloaded a ton, everything's made by just one talented individual, so it's a curated collection. Plus, it's all up for grabs for both commercial and personal projects.


Dareful might not have a ton of videos, but they have hundreds of really good 4K videos that you can use for free. You can change and share these videos, but you have to give credit to the guy who made them, Joel Holland. He's letting people use his videos for free, and we don't really know why, but we can watch some cool time-lapse clouds while we think about it.


Mixkit offer tons of HD videos from business to fashion, and guess what? It's all FREE. No need to sign up, no need to give credit, and no sneaky watermarks. Use their videos for any project, commercial or not. If you're scratching your head thinking, "Really?", just check out their license and terms. So, to sum it up: free, versatile, and hassle-free HD videos for all your needs!

Motion Elements

They have a variety of high-res videos for all your needs. Signing up is free, and it gives you 5 downloads every week. Here's a bonus: get a friend to join and you can boost that to 30 weekly downloads. So, the lowdown: tons of free videos in different resolutions, but remember to sign up and maybe bring a friend to get more perks!