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Easily customize settings and design of your videos in Webflow

Vidzflow video player is highly customizable.

You can tweak settings like autoplay, brand color and play button or even utilize raw video files if you intend to use video as a background. 

Stay in control of your audience.

Keep the audience focused on your content without distracting ads or related videos. By using our custom video player, you can improve sales and reduce bounce rates.

Instant start.

Your videos start playing 10x faster than other players on average. 

Stall-free playback.

Vidzflow offers you 8x less buffering during playback.


No ads or recommended videos before, during, or after your video.

Why use Vidzflow video hosting?

The stakes are high when you are up against your audience's short attention span - every second counts and the need for the best video hosting software is non-negotiable.  

Here are some of the reasons why marketing teams and engineers trust Vidzflow for their video hosting needs in Webflow:

Optimized video performance

No one likes to wait, that's why optimal video performance is crucial. Vidzflow videos start playing 10x faster than other players on average and experience 8x less stalls during playback. Even more, there are no ads or recommended videos before, during or after your video.

Security measures

Webflow offers the Great Wall of safety when it comes to your content. The platform's security system implements SSL encryption, SOC 2 compliance, DDoS protection, regular backups, 2F authentication and password policies to ensure robust security for websites and videos.

Workspaces for collaboration

Workspaces in Vidzflow are where edits are made in real time across multiple sites. Each workspace can have its own plan, with options to add members, assign roles, or change them as needed. They enhance productivity and enable teams to produce tailored content.

Video player customization

Branding options and customization offer endless possibilities to make your videos unique. You can control settings like autoplay, brand color, play button, thumbnails, speed, subtitles, chapters, call-to-action elements or upload raw video files to use as background video.

Scalability and flexibility

Knowing you can easily scale with the platform as your needs expand without compromising video performance is super important. Our Vidzflow plans support most businesses, but we also have custom options available for those that would require larger capacities.

Customer support

Customer support is a safety net that ensures businesses and other creators to deal with challenges easily. We make sure to respond fast, offering you a direct line to our technical team for quick bug fixes and smooth video hosting experience in Webflow.

Positive impact on SEO

Vidzflow is great for SEO. With faster loading times than other video players, seamless playback and mobile responsiveness, hosting and uploading your videos with us can help you reach your target audience and improve search engine rankings.

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What others are saying

Bryant Chou
Co-Founder at Webflow
"Vidzflow is really slick!!!"
Robin Vander Heyden
CEO at ManyRequests
"Because our website is built on Webflow, we've integrated Vidzflow for our videos. I appreciate how easy it is to customize the video player to match our branding, and the pricing is budget-friendly when compared to other options in the market."
Nishant Modi
Founder at GreetsApp
"This is great, like community service. Love your plans too. A great vimeo alternative."
Emmet Armstrong
Webflow Expert
"Vimeo pushed us towards a plan that was 20x pricier, so I switched to Vidzflow instead!"
Josselin Colletta
"Awesome. I've been juggling with Vimeo and such for years!"
Annabelle Porter
“Wow! Exactly what I need for a current project.”
Nina Martinez
Assistant web development manager at Digital Resource
"I’ve been testing Vidzflow this week and it’s great! It really solves many pain points that Webflow was experiencing with their lack of video hosting. Not only is it serving an important role, but the UI of the dashboard is great."
"This tool is outstanding for hosting videos on Webflow. Congratulations!"
Dominic Yates
CMO at SalesHookup
"I was embedding Vidyard videos on my Webflow page 🤮 Gonna try this instead!!"
Bethany Pryce
"It is a tool that Webflow has needed for a very long time!"
Leon Barth
Webflow Expert
"Great idea guys. Really good subject to tackle and throw resources at."
Niko Dovidija
Agency co-founder
"Great idea guys 👏 definitely a much needed substitute for Webflow's native solution!"
Sean Dorje
Co-Founder of ezML
"This seems like a fantastic solution to video hosting issues on Webflow, and I'm sure many users are looking forward to this feature. Speed and customization are crucial for engaging users with video content, and you seem to have nailed these aspects."
Prasad Lingawar
Growth @ Dyte
"This is good. Sharing it with our marketing developer."
Founder at
"This tool is lit for hosting videos on Webflow. Congrats!"

Frequently asked questions

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What are the advantages of using Webflow for hosting my videos?
Hosting your videos on Webflow brings many advantages, like optimized video performance, robust security measures, workspaces for collaboration, fully customizable video players, scalability and flexibility, reliable customer support and positive impact on SEO. 
How can I customize my video player in Webflow?
Vidzflow offers a fully customizable Webflow video player. You can tweak settings like autoplay, brand color, play button, call-to-action, subtitles or even utilize raw video files for background videos - all this by simply toggling a few buttons.
Can I add subtitles or closed captions in the Webflow video player?
Yes, Vidzflow supports uploading subtitles or captions to your Webflow video player.