What Are Explainer Videos and How to Use Them in Webflow

By evoking human emotions, explainer videos drive well-informed decision-making. Typically featured on landing pages, homepages, or product-specific pages, these videos enhance the overall user experience.

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What are explainer videos?

In a world dominated by video-centric marketing strategies, explainer videos have become indispensable. Explainer videos are a quick and efficient way to pass on information to the viewers and make it easy for them to grasp the concept of a product or a service. Many brands opt for explainer videos because they seamlessly integrate audio and visual elements to convey complex ideas in a simple and easily understandable manner. 

By condensing the information into a brief timeframe, these videos have tremendous potential to communicate your offerings and establish why you are the optimal solution for your customers' needs—all in a one-time investment.

An explainer video serves as a comprehensive introduction to your brand. It becomes the go-to reference for anyone seeking information about your business. Furthermore, explainer videos are powerful tools for delivering compelling sales pitches, contributing to improved conversion rates and increased sales. 

Customized to reflect your brand's personality, explainer videos are crucial in building brand awareness. Additionally, they contribute to heightened online visibility. 

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Types and styles of explainer videos 

When creating explanatory Webflow videos, choosing the appropriate production style is crucial. Certain styles align well with your brand identity and marketing goals, while others may not be suitable. 

Types of explainer videos

Let's dive into the diverse spectrum of explainer video types available:

  • Corporate explainer video: Corporate explainer videos help to illuminate your company's facets for employees and target audiences. These versatile videos can form a series, such as onboarding content covering corporate culture and security guidelines.
  • Promotional video: Positioned at the sales funnel's early stages, these videos introduce products to a broad audience, sparking interest and engagement.
  • Brand video: Integrated into a strategic content plan, brand videos foster deeper connections. Ideal for content marketing-focused companies, they can be animated showcases or business explainer videos, offering value and entertainment.
  • Product video: These videos are mainly centered on products. They help to spotlight benefits, effectiveness, and usage. They often conclude with a link to the manufacturer's website for further exploration.
  • Kickstarter video: Essential for crowdfunding campaigns, this explainer video is a compelling pitch to attract investments. It efficiently communicates ideas, saving potential investors time and building trust.

Explainer video styles

A video style constitutes a cohesive set of visual principles that enhances the appeal, captivation, and memorability of explainer animations. It's crucial to distinguish between illustration and animation styles when creating explainer Webflow videos.

Let's look at the various styles of explainer videos that could benefit a robust marketing strategy:

  • 2D animation: Widely embraced and versatile, 2D animated explainer videos feature characters and scenes in a flat, two-dimensional space. Cost-effective and adept at simplifying complex concepts, they can be created by artists or computers, offering a detailed approach.
  • Motion graphics: Unlike 2D animation, motion graphics videos prioritize facts and ideas over design. The voice-over takes center stage, leading the narrative while seamlessly integrating brand assets. This style facilitates a cohesive branding strategy.
  • Whiteboard animation: Popular for its speed, whiteboard animation employs static images or illustrations on a whiteboard to convey information. The images unfold the story swiftly, requiring a supporting voiceover for context.
  • 3D animation: For intricate detailing, opt for 3D animation—an advanced version of 2D animation that adds depth and realism. Unlike flat designs in 2D, 3D videos offer height, width, and depth. Though time and cost-intensive, the results are visually stunning.
  • Live-action: Featuring real actors or presenters, live-action explainer videos use actual footage with minimal animation. They convey realism and authenticity, often incorporating customer testimonials despite being costly.
  • Screencast: A budget-friendly alternative to live-action, screencast explainer videos showcase product features directly on the screen without actors. Cost-effective and easily produced, they are a practical choice for businesses.
  • Kinetic typography: Unique and entertaining kinetic typography explainer videos use words and objects to promote products and services. The font choice, proper format, script, and messaging are crucial.

What are the benefits of explainer Webflow videos

Explainer videos simplify complex concepts, enhance comprehension, and engage audiences. Versatile in purpose, video storytelling helps boost conversion rates, fosters emotional connections, and is shareable on social media. These aspects make them a powerful tool for effective communication across industries.

Here are the benefits of explainer videos:

Simplified communication

Explainer Webflow videos offer a streamlined and accessible mode of communication, simplifying complex information through visual and auditory elements. This simplicity enhances audience understanding and engagement, making it an effective tool for conveying messages in a clear and concise manner.

Increased engagement

Explainer videos significantly boost engagement by presenting information in a visually compelling format. The combination of visuals and narration captures and sustains viewer interest, making these videos a powerful tool for holding the audience's attention and conveying messages effectively.

Better Google ranking

Integrating explainer videos into your online content can contribute to improved Google ranking. Search engines often prioritize multimedia content, and including explainer videos on your website enhances user engagement, dwell time, and overall user experience. 

As videos become increasingly popular online, having relevant and informative explainer videos can contribute to your website's visibility and authority in your industry or niche. It further improves your chances of achieving better Google rankings.

Brand building

Explainer videos play a pivotal role in brand building by conveying a brand's identity, values, and offerings in a visually compelling and concise manner. These videos create a memorable brand presence through engaging storytelling and visual elements, fostering a stronger connection with the audience. 

Consistent use of explainer videos across various platforms contributes to a cohesive brand image, reinforcing brand recognition and differentiation. This effective communication tool helps establish a brand's personality, enhance credibility, and leave a lasting impression, ultimately contributing to successful brand-building efforts.

Higher ROI

Explainer videos can yield a higher return on investment (ROI) by effectively conveying messages, increasing user engagement, and driving conversions. The visual and auditory appeal of explainer videos captures and retains the audience's attention, leading to better information retention. 

This heightened engagement can translate into increased conversions, whether sales, sign-ups, or other desired actions. Additionally, the versatility of explainer videos allows them to be shared across various platforms, expanding their reach and impact. 

As a result, the upfront investment in creating explainer videos is often outweighed by the long-term benefits of improved audience connection and conversion rates, contributing to a higher overall ROI.

How to make your explainer Webflow videos effective

Your explainer video should be designed so that the audience is not only drawn towards viewing it but also sticks through till the end. Here are some tips on how to make sure your explainer videos are effective: 

  • Begin content creation with a robust script and storyboard. 
  • Ensure clear branding by prominently featuring your high-resolution logo in promotional and explainer videos. 
  • Enhance video flow with dynamic transitions using motion graphics. 
  • Strengthen key messages in explainer videos by incorporating text overlays. Make complex information more digestible and maintain viewer focus.
  • Select engaging music that aligns with your brand and target audience. B2B videos may opt for neutral tracks, while B2C videos can use upbeat or trending music. Ensure voice-overs remain clear amid music choices.
  • Boost viewer engagement by adding captions to explainer videos. Studies indicate consumers often watch videos with muted sound on mobile devices, making captions essential for understanding content in various situations.

Final thoughts: Optimizing explainer videos

Explainer videos are indispensable tools for modern businesses aiming to enhance communication, engagement, and brand visibility. Whether employing 2D animation, motion graphics, or live-action, these videos simplify complex concepts, strengthen brand identity, and contribute to higher ROI.

By incorporating key elements such as clear branding, dynamic transitions, and engaging content, brands can ensure their explainer videos are not only viewed but leave a lasting impact on their audience. With the ever-growing importance of multimedia content, explainer videos are a strategic investment that aligns with contemporary marketing trends and the evolving preferences of online audiences.

Frequently asked questions

How are explainer videos different from other types of video content?

Explainer videos stand out by simplifying complex concepts through animation and a clear narrative, aiming for concise communication. Unlike promotional or documentary videos, they prioritize clarity over in-depth content, making them distinct in their approach.

What is the ideal length for an explainer video? 

An ideal explainer video is typically 60 to 90 seconds, ensuring engagement without losing interest. This duration balances conveying key information and maintaining viewer attention to maximize the video's effectiveness.

Can explainer videos be customized to match a company’s branding and visual style within Webflow? 

Yes, explainer videos can be customized to align with a company's branding and visual style within Webflow. With tools like the Vidzflow app for Webflow video hosting, customization can be seamless without coding. This allows businesses to tailor their explainer videos to match their brand identity effortlessly.