Webflow Background Video Trends: Staying Current in 2023

Background videos have just recently upgraded much from their original form. Inititally, they were used rarely due to concerns about website loading times and compatibility across all devices. However, as technology improved and internet speeds increased, designers began to realize the potential of background videos to enhance user experience.

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Being aware of current video trends: Why is it important?

Background videos have become a necessity in modern web design due to the following factors:

Visual appeal

Background videos can convey emotions and messages in a way that static images or text cannot. They create an indulging environment that captures attention.


Videos are an excellent medium for storytelling. Whether showcasing your brand's journey or telling a compelling product story, background videos can help you communicate effectively.


Video content hooks the visitors for longer periods. This increased engagement can lead to lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates.


People tend to remember visual content more than text. Thus, a background video can leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Enhancing Webflow background video quality with trendy video styles

Webflow background video quality can elevate a website by improving its aesthetics and leaving a lasting impression on visitors. So, let’s explore the trendy video styles that are making waves in 2023, focusing on background video aesthetics and popular video styles that you can incorporate into your Webflow projects.

Trends in background video aesthetics

  • Minimalism with motion: Minimalistic background videos are trending in 2023. Designers opt for subtle, elegant motion in the form of slow animations, gentle transitions, or even a slight parallax effect. These create a sense of depth and sophistication without overwhelming the user.
  • Abstract and artistic: Background videos that showcase abstract and artistic visuals are gaining popularity. These videos often feature fluid, organic shapes and vibrant colors, providing a unique and visually stimulating experience. 
  • Realistic and cinematic: Web designers are increasingly incorporating high-quality, cinematic background videos. These videos mimic the aesthetics of film, complete with dynamic camera movements, dramatic lighting, and compelling storytelling. They are perfect for brands that want to create a powerful emotional connection with their audience.
  • Nature and environment: Videos featuring nature and environmental themes are timeless. From serene landscapes to underwater scenes, these background videos evoke a sense of tranquility and harmony with the natural world. They resonate well with eco-conscious brands and those promoting wellness.
  • Gradient and color shifts: Gradient backgrounds with color shifts are an understated yet impactful trend. These backgrounds change color slowly, creating a soothing and mesmerizing effect. They can convey a sense of change, transformation, or progression.

Examples of popular video styles

You can elevate your Webflow CMS background video by taking a look at the following examples:

Heroic videos: Hero sections with full-screen background videos are a classic choice. They create a bold first impression and often showcase a brand's identity or highlight a key message. 

Example: A clothing brand might use a high-definition video of models wearing its latest collection, with dramatic lighting and music that complements its style.

Product demonstrations: Background videos are a fantastic way to demonstrate the functionality and benefits of a product or service. These videos show the product in action, highlighting its features and how it solves a problem.

Example: A tech company might use a background video to demonstrate how their app simplifies a complex task, with animations showcasing its user interface and key features.

Emotional storytelling: Background videos are also a powerful tool for emotional storytelling. Brands can use these videos to tell their origin stories, share customer testimonials, or convey their mission and values.

Example: A nonprofit organization might use a background video featuring real stories of individuals whose work has positively impacted lives.

Dynamic backgrounds: Dynamic backgrounds with changing scenes or elements are becoming increasingly popular. These videos keep users engaged and make the website feel dynamic and alive.

Example: An adventure travel company could use a dynamic background video that transitions between various breathtaking travel destinations, showcasing the thrill of their adventures.

Importance of interactivity and engagement in Webflow video upload

Interactivity and engagement are paramount in web design. In 2023, the use of background videos in Webflow video thumbnails has reached a new level, with interactive and engaging experiences taking center stage. 

The rise of interactive background videos

Interactive background videos are a game-changer in web design. These videos go beyond passive visuals, allowing users to engage with the content actively. Here are some notable trends in interactive background videos:

  • Clickable elements: Designers are increasingly integrating clickable elements within background videos. This enables users to interact with specific parts of the video, such as clicking on products for more information or navigating to different sections of a website.
  • Scroll-triggered effects: Background videos that respond to the user's scrolling behavior are becoming prevalent. As users scroll down a page, the video can change speed, direction, or content, creating a dynamic and immersive experience.
  • Mouse interactions: Mouse-based interactions, like hover effects, are creatively utilized in background videos. For instance, hovering over an object within the video can trigger animations, revealing hidden content or additional information.
  • Interactive storytelling: Interactive background videos are being used to tell interactive stories. Users can make choices that affect the direction of the narrative, resulting in a personalized and engaging storytelling experience.

Webflow CMS background video: How to create engaging and user-focused video experiences?

Now, let's explore how to harness the power of interactivity and engagement in Webflow to create user-focused video experiences:

  • Plan your story: Plan the narrative or message you want to convey through your background video. Consider how interactivity can enhance the story and engage users. Map out the user journey and the possible interactions they can have.
  • Choose the right video: Select one that aligns with your narrative and brand identity. Ensure that the video's content and aesthetics are conducive to interactivity. High-quality footage is essential to maintain visual appeal.
  • Integrate interactivity: Use Webflow's powerful features to add interactivity to your background video. You can employ triggers, animations, and interactions to make elements within the video clickable or responsive to user actions.
  • Optimize for mobile: Ensure your interactive background video is responsive and functions smoothly on mobile devices. Test the interactions on various screen sizes to guarantee a consistent user experience.
  • Performance considerations: Background videos can affect page loading times, so optimize your video for fast loading. Use Webflow's built-in optimization tools to reduce file size while maintaining quality.
  • User testing: Before launching your website, conduct user testing to gather feedback on the interactivity and engagement. Make improvements based on user insights to enhance the user-focused experience.
  • Accessibility: Consider accessibility guidelines when implementing interactive elements. Provide alternative content or explanations for users who may not be able to engage with the video fully.

Webflow background video: Importance of performance and optimization

As we navigate through 2023, we must understand the latest trends in video optimization for speed and accessibility within the Webflow platform.

Trends in video optimization for speed and accessibility 

  • Lazy loading: Lazy loading is a technique that loads a background video only when it's in the user's viewport. This trend significantly enhances page loading speed, as the video is loaded on demand rather than all at once. It's handy for websites with multiple background videos on a single page.
  • Video compression: Video compression remains a crucial trend to maintain optimal performance. Modern video codecs like H.265 (HEVC) offer high-quality compression, reducing file sizes without compromising visual quality. Webflow's built-in optimization tools often include video compression options.
  • HTML5 video with fallbacks: HTML5 video remains a staple for background videos, offering native support across browsers. However, providing fallbacks, such as an image or text, for users with browsers that don't support HTML5 video is a growing trend. This ensures accessibility for all users.
  • WebP format: WebP is an efficient image and video format that has gained traction for its smaller file sizes and excellent quality. It's beneficial for background videos as it contributes to faster load times.
  • Transcoding for mobile: Optimizing videos specifically for mobile devices is increasingly important. Transcoding involves creating multiple video versions with varying resolutions and bit rates to ensure smooth playback on smartphones and tablets.
  • Alternative text and captions: To enhance accessibility, providing alternative text and captions for background videos is a growing trend. This makes video content accessible to users with disabilities, including those who use screen readers.

Final thoughts

Web design in 2023 is alive with innovation, and the integration of background videos in Webflow is at the forefront of this evolution. Staying current with these trends is essential for creating visually stunning, engaging, high-performing websites. From the creative use of interactivity to the meticulous focus on performance and optimization, the key lies in striking the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. 

Frequently asked questions

What are some of the current trends for background videos in web design?

You can make a Webflow background video by keeping in mind the following trends:

  • Paying attention to the Webflow background video quality.
  • Making audio activation optional.
  • Creating videos of partial heights.
  • Video compressing.

How can I incorporate interactive elements into background videos for a more engaging experience?

Keep the following pointers in mind before any Webflow video upload:

  • Know the preferences of your audience.
  • Choose the ideal type of interactive elements that align with your audience's preferences.
  • Use top-quality graphics, videos, and images.

Are there any accessibility concerns I should consider when using trendy background videos in Webflow?

Yes, you need to keep in mind the following Webflow accessibility concerns:

  • Provision of alternative content.
  • Keeping full transcripts of the spoken content.
  • Avoid video or audio autoplay.
  • Incorporate user controls, like pause, play, or volume adjustment.