Vidzflow vs. Wistia: Which Webflow Video Player Is for Me?

Video content is one of the most powerful forms of media. From promotional trailers and explainer videos to comedic skits and video essays, the versatility and visual impact of video content help businesses engage, entertain, and educate their target audience. With Webflow's no-code friendly design, adding videos and customizing them to match your branding is easier than ever.

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Introduction to Webflow video hosting

Webflow is an intuitive web development platform that enables users to build and launch responsive and visually stunning websites without coding. Webflow supports various media formats across images, GIFs, videos, SVGs, etc.

You can easily integrate videos into Webflow by uploading them onto video hosting platforms, copying their respective embed codes, and pasting them onto your Webflow site. With Webflow supporting videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and Vidzflow, individuals and businesses can choose from various options for their video hosting needs.

Why picking the right Webflow video player matters

Although Webflow can support video files from several video hosting sites, it is essential to evaluate their perks carefully and choose the best one for your business’s unique needs. Your choice of a Webflow custom video player can affect the performance of your website and impact user experience.

Be sure to consider the following factors before selecting a Webflow video player:

  • Security - Content protection and encryption are a must for video hosting platforms.
  • SEO optimization - Videos should be optimized for minimal loading times to ensure better SEO and higher search rankings.
  • Branding and customization - Hosting platforms should allow complete brand and video control customization for uniform brand identity.
  • Ease of use - Webflow video players should have a simple UI and be easy to use.
  • Support - A hosting plan should include professional assistance to address issues and resolve technical doubts.

Vidzflow vs. Wistia - Which is better?

Vidzflow and Wistia are two of the most popular Webflow video hosting platforms. While both platforms offer seamless video integration and hosting, there are many significant differences between the two. 

Let us learn more about how they differ in their features, pricing, user experience, and integration.

Key features

Here are the notable video hosting features and functionalities offered by Vidzflow and Wistia.


Wistia offers marketing and creator features, video hosting plans, customizable Webflow video players, screen recording, captioning, and live streaming support. Besides video content, Wistia also allows the integration of other media types.

Apart from video hosting services, Wistia offers additional integrations for:

  • Lead management.
  • Social media.
  • Analytics.
  • Marketing automation.
  • Paywall.
  • Editing.
  • Video calling.


For starters, Vidzflow is the only official video hosting app that allows direct video uploads and integration through Webflow Apps Marketplace, enabling you to use it in Webflow Designer without ever having to leave Webflow. This also means it is optimized specifically for Webflow, a feature Wistia lacks.

Vidzflow does not require any prior coding knowledge to use. Users can customize videos and player controls in the Webflow custom video player.

Other features of Vidzflow include:

  • Raw video file hosting.
  • Custom branding.
  • Webflow video player autoplay, loop, and video chapter functions.
  • Video uploads in any resolution of your choice with paid plans.
  • Cross-platform video hosting that even supports Wistia videos via URL links.

User experience and integrations

When it comes to video content, user experience, engagement, and website performance can be impacted by a host of factors, including:

  • Loading times.
  • Buffering.
  • Video bandwidth.
  • Playback quality.

A good video hosting platform considers all the above factors, ensuring top-notch viewer experience and higher SEO rankings. Therefore, choosing a video hosting platform perfectly compatible with Webflow’s website builder is essential.

Vidzflow is the official video hosting platform specially designed for Webflow integration. The user-friendliness of Vidzflow allows users to upload and integrate videos onto their websites easily. Conversely, Wistia is a Webflow video hosting platform with powerful Zoom, social media, email marketing integrations, and live streaming support.

Pricing models

Here are the pricing models offered by Wistia:

Plan Price Features
Free Free forever Up to 10 videos, video player customization and controls, basic creator tools, integrations and analytics, no custom branding
Plus $24 per month Up to 20 videos, video player customization and controls, basic creator tools, integrations and analytics, custom branding
Pro $99 per month Up to 50 videos, video player customization and controls, advanced creator tools, integrations and analytics, custom branding, password protection, CTAs, heatmaps, A/B testing
Advanced $399 per month Up to 250 videos, video player customization and controls, advanced creator tools, integrations and analytics, custom branding, password protection, CTAs, heatmaps, A/B testing, live streaming support

Vidzflow offers the following hosting plans:

Plan Price Features
Free Free forever Up to 100MB/video, up to 5 min/video, up to 10 videos, quality up to 720p, no player customization, no raw video hosting, no custom branding
Lite $9 per month Up to 1000MB/video, up to 20 min/video, up to 25 videos, unlimited video quality, full player customization, raw video hosting, custom branding
Starter $19 per month Up to 1000MB/video, up to 20min/video, up to 50 videos, unlimited video quality, full player customization, raw video hosting, custom branding
Business $39 per month Up to 1000MB/video, up to 60min/video, up to 100 videos, unlimited video quality, full player customization, raw video hosting, custom branding

In addition to the above plans, both Vidzflow and Wistia offer custom plans for those with greater hosting requirements.

While Wistia might be an all-in-one web hosting solution, videos over included media limits may cost an additional $2 per video, which is one of its biggest downsides when it comes to pricing. Besides, not all use cases require the tools that come with Wistia video hosting.

On the other hand, Vidzflow does not offer as many features as the Wistia plans. However, what Vidzflow lacks in external integrations, it makes up in power-packed video hosting, uploading, and customization features. This is why Vidzflow gives better value for money when compared to Wistia. 

Deciding based on your Webflow video needs

Now that you know the ins and outs of each video hosting platform, how do you know which one is better for you?

Vidzflow and Wistia provide powerful video hosting and customization services while differing in pricing and compatibility with Webflow. To find the best video hosting service for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are my expectations for a video hosting platform?
  • Is optimized video hosting a priority for my business?
  • Do I need a multifunctional content hosting platform?
  • What does my budget look like?

These questions will help you understand what you need from a Webflow video player and make an informed decision.

Final thoughts: Picking the right Webflow video player

A Webflow video player must be secure, user-friendly, and customizable. Vidzflow is a power-packed Webflow media integration platform offering cost-effective website video hosting.

Created by professionals for Webflow users, Vidzflow offers performance-centric, feature-packed video hosting to help you integrate engaging content onto your website, all without typing a single line of code.

Frequently asked questions

Is Vidzflow video player no-code friendly?

Absolutely, Vidzflow is a 100% no-code friendly video hosting tool for Webflow that enables users to upload and embed videos on Webflow, even without prior coding experience.

How to upload a video in Webflow?

You can use Webflow to upload videos through the Webflow App Marketplace or the Webflow Designer. 

What is the key difference between Vidzflow and Wistia?

Unlike Wistia, Vidzflow is the official video hosting platform explicitly crafted for Webflow, which is not the case with Wistia. Vidzflow offers SERP-optimized video hosting for Webflow users. Pricing is another significant difference, with Vidzflow paid plans starting from $9 per month, while Wistia allows additional integrations and has paid plans starting from $24 per month.